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The hormonal therapy that rejuvenates

Thanks to continuous medical advances we no longer have to give up a full life at any age. The safety and simplicity of the hormone replacement therapy make it a recommended tool to prevent and cope with the signs of aging. But, where lies its success? We will find it out bellow.

The importance of hormones

Hormones are chemicals present in the vast majority of biological processes (reproduction, immunity, digestion, brain function…), and are essential for the normal functioning of our body. However, aging decreases its production by breaking down this healthy hormonal balance.

Both menopause and andropause involve:

  • Chronic fatigue.
  • Loss of sexual desire.
  • Weight gain.
  • Under muscular tone.
  • Mental confusion and lack of memory.

In the case of women, hot flashes, sudden mood swings and headaches are also common, which complete this list. All of theses symptoms begin to subside within a few days with hormone replacement therapy.

Why opt for bio-identical hormone replacement?

By simply inserting a capsule (pellet) releasing plant hormones, the body obtains a stable amount of them by self-regulating and correcting the imbalance. Being 100% biocompatible, the body returns to the physiologically previous situation.

There are few studies that find the benefits of estrogen:

  • It restores blood cholesterol levels, increasing protection against myocardial infarctions and plaque formation by 50%.
  • It prevents osteoporosis, colon cancer and hair loss.
  • It raises blood supply to the lower frontal brain area by avoiding stroke or Alzheimer’s.
  • It stimulates collagen production Estimula la producción for a firmer and more uniform skin.
  • For its part, testosterone clarifies the mind, facilitates the maintenance of muscle tone and allows to recover libido.

This natural hormonal therapy provides the patient, with hardly any side effect, emotional harmony, greater vitality and quality of life painless and safely.

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