The female breast is, without any doubt, one of the most important elements of femenine beauty, that is why a volume excess can be unsightly.

Breast hypertrophy is a condition characterized by an increase in the volume of breasts above your normal proportions. .

Taking the decision to intervene the breast when this has an excessive size, it is often a very thoughtful decision.

In the case of the plastic surgery of volume reduction is not a decision for only aesthetic reasons.

Many of the women who choose to undergo this intervention are concerned because the excess of volume causes them physical discomfort and interfere in the activities of their daily lives.

Women with large breasts tend to have problems in their back, nech and irritations of the skin in times of heat.

This surgery is performed using general anesthesia and it is recommended one or two days in the Clinic.

This intervention aims to reduce the size of the breast and give it the appropriate shape.

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Two main objectives are pursued: raise the areola and the nipple and reduce the size of the breast, thereby achieving a volume which is as perfect as possible.

The surgery consists of removing skin and excess fat and place the complex areola-nipple to the heigh that suits you aesthetically.

There are several techniques and the scars vary depending on the technique performed depending on the mammary characteristics.

According to these characteristics, the scars may be of three types: a scar around nipple-areola and/or a vertical scar that would go from the areola to the submammary fold and/or an horizontal scar in the submammary fold, leaving a inverted T-shaped or anchor shaped scar. The resulting scar is a fine line that conceals very well in the submammary fold.