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Less invasive extrathoracic system

Ginecomastia para hombres cirugía estética masculina

Plastic surgery aims to correct malformations (congenital or acquired), improving the health of patients. When faced with chest asymmetries, irregularities or depressions of Pectus Excavatum, at Institut Vila-Rovira we use the Pectus Up Surgery Kit, an extrathoracic system that offers a novel solution to patients.

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Advantages of Pectus UP for the treatment of thoracic asymmetry

  • Less invasive surgery: with less anesthesia, reduced operating time and reduced subsequent hospital stay.
  • This treatment allows to reduce pain medication in relation to conventional treatments.
  • Treatment for thoracic asymmetry without access to the chest cavity or entry into the ICU, as the vital organs in the chest are not damaged.

  • In general, reduction of the amount and severity of postoperative complications, resulting in a great benefit for the professional and the patient.

Surgical correction of Pectus Excavatum

Pectus Excavatum is a deformation of the chest wall that occurs quite common in children and adolescents, mainly of the male sex (prevalence of 2-3‰ births in Spain).

It is caused by a deficit in the growth of coastal cartilage.

Over the years, and consequent growth of the chest, the cartilage drags the sternum inwards, making the sinking more evident.

In addition to the aesthetic disorder that this generates (with its consequent psychological effects), Pectus Excavatum can generate respiratory, spine and heart problems. However, most cases, about 75%, are not operated on due to the complexity of the treatment.

Corrección de tórax asimétrico Dr. Vilarovira


The Ravitch and Nuss techniques, the best known so far to correct this thoracic deformation, have certain inconvenients.

The Ravith technique removes the cartilage that binds the ribs and the sternum, and then inserts a bar into the back of the sternum. The Nuss technique involves introducing a concave steel bar under the sternum, which will rotate until the deformation is corrected.

But both techniques are invasive, they require a long-term intervention and the patient must make a long stay in the hospital, after which it will spend a delicate postoperative and intensive care.

The newest surgical advance for the treatment of Pectus Excavatum is to use a device that applies extraction force to the sternum, externally and not internally, until it is placed in the proper position.

The technique of Pectus UP is performed through an incision at the level of the sternum. The traction system is anchored to the sternum, where it will pull force until sinking  is corrected. This technique, known as Taulinoplasty, offers the great advantage of not accessing to the chest cavity.

The Pectus UP Surgery Kit, consisting of an implant and force-exerting tools, can also be used to correct other cases of asymmetrical or irregular chest.

Surgical correction of Pectus Excavatum

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