Lipofilling, filled with own fat

Lipofilling, filled with own fat

It has been a while since doctors and patients are committed to naturalness, both in plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine. This search for natural results has helped us to advance a lot in both the techniques used and the materials we use for fillers.

Speaking of fillers, in recent years we are working in an especially interesting field with lipofilling or lipotransfer: a surgical technique to graft fat tissue of the patient itself, either with the aim of modifying the contour body or as filler material. The donor area is usually the legs, hips, or belly.

In addition to naturalness, using the patient’s own fat prevents any rejection or incompatibility.

It can be used both in facial treatments (lips, face and neck) and in body treatments (breast, arm, trunk, abdomen, buttocks, hips and thighs, knees, calves or ankles).

Lipofilling can be performed as a primary procedure aimed at improving the facial or body contour, or used in combination with other surgical techniques.

For example, after performing a facelift, an abdominoplasty or a thigh lifting lipotransfer helps us tighten relaxed skin and strengthen support structures.

Using Lipofilling in Face Fillings

Use of Lipotransfer in body treatments

In this gallery we show you a real case of facial rejuvenation with the Lipofilling procedure::

After liposuction is performed to the patient,the extracted material is centrifuged to separate the fluids from the fat. That fat is then used as facial filler material.

The result is a skin with improved deep hydration and therefore with better appearance, younger.

The lipofilling technique can also be used at the body level whenever it is necessary to give more volume to certain parts of the body. Lipotransfer is common, for example, in these treatments:

The implantation technique must be performed by an expert surgeon so that most of the transferred fat survives in the implanted area, so that the volume achieved in the long term can be maintained.

Frequent Questions

As in almost all treatments and surgeries, the final results are obtained from 6 months. Still, usually from the third month we can already assess what percentage of fat the body has reabsorbed.
Treatment may be performed with local anesthesia and sedation (therefore, on an outpatient basis). However, depending on the area to be treated, it will be necessary to use general anesthesia.

Small-thick cannulae are used to perform this technique, leaving no scars on either the donor or recipient area.

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