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Estudio del movimiento mamario Vilarovira

Following the current trend of evaluating results and showing them objectively, Vila-Rovira Institute has recently added to its protocol of breast surgery a previous examination, called Bouncing Objective Test (BOT), that allows quantify parameters of motion to assess the strength of the natural breast.

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Study of breast movement

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Information about Study of breast movement

In the United States, following a survey of 225 women who had undergone breast augmentation during 2012, 75% of the respondents rated the firmness of their breast as “just”

The assessment of that firmness however, until now, was subjective, despite conditioning the movement of the breast.

But at Institut Vila-Rovira we have gone a step further: we have developed a tool that allows us to study the natural movement of each women’s breast, to make the firmness and movement (or vibration) of the breasts after a breast augmentation with prostheses to even be more natural.

The BOT test allows to reproduce more accurately the natural oscillating motion of the breast, keeping its firmness intact.

This is an exclusive study of our center and it is done to all women who come to our consultation to learn about breast augmentation, whether they decide to operate with us or not.

Medición del movimiento mamario Vilarovira

An extreme strength, to become the breast too “rigid” and its movement would not be natural.

What is the Breast Movement Study?

It is an exam developed by Dr. Vila-Rovira to quantify the parameter of breast movement and evaluate the firmness of the natural breast.

The data this study sheds helps us to have a kind of body “map”. In determining the optimal location and ideal size of the prosthesis to be implanted, we gain in guarantees of success in breast augmentation surgery with prostheses.

It is a test that has been included in the breast surgery protocol, because its results allow us to guarantee that the patient will achieve a natural firmness and movement (oscillation or vibration) after her breast augmentation with prostheses.

This study is exclusively carried out at Institut Vila-Rovira.


Once parametrized the natural movement of the patient in 3 movements: lateral (lateral movement), vertical (top to bottom) and rotatory inside-out, besides knowing structurally the area to intervene, the selection process of the prostheses of the patient and the process of implant, guarantees of success will grow stronger.

The movement is analyzed thanks to a scanned system of analysis in three dimensions in which, with the help of 3 markers, one fixed on the sternum and two mobile located in the nipples, and after a bending on the truck along its longitudinal axis in standing position, it captures the natural movement of the breast.

This gives a numerical degree of the relative movement (the average of the movement in each breast from the same point said) that provides guidance in the preparation of the intervention and during this one.

Naturality: the great advantage of the Bouncing Objective Test (BOT)

Naturalness is one of the first concerns of women when considering a breast augmentation: naturalness in size, shape, touch and also movement.

So far, a lot of progress has been made in breast size and shape. It is relatively easy to know the volume that a prosthesis must have to be harmonious with the rest of the body measurements, taking the height, the base and the projection of the breasts. On the question of form, it is to be appreciated the introduction of anatomical prostheses (compared to round prostheses) since they have been a great advance in gaining naturalness in breast augmentation.

However, in the areas of touch and firmness (the latter one, intimately related to the movement or vibration of the breast) decisions are made exclusively by the experience and expertise of the surgeon. And the assessment of the result depends exclusively on the subjective opinion of the patient.

But natural movement is synonymous with an attractive breast. After a breast augmentation with prostheses some women felt that their breast was too stiff, and that it did not move naturally.

Nowadays, with the custom data that the BOT gives us, this risk is reduced, achieving an optimal result of firmness and movement. We also get the breast to have a suitable touch: neither very hard nor excessively soft to pressure… Therefore, a result of maximum naturalness.

Estudio movimiento mamario

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