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The female breast, has a great importance in the aesthetic of the female body and is a symbol of female identity, that is why the breast augmentation surgery is one of the most performed around the world.

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Real cases of Mammary augmentation with prostheses

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AntesDespués aumento de mamas con protesis Barcelona

Mammary augmentation with prostheses

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Information about Mammary augmentation with prostheses

The natural desire of having a good appearance and pleasing makes that women with breast that do not conform to their own aesthetic ideal, they feel uncomfortable. The augmentation mammoplasty is the breast surgery to improve the volume and shape of the female breast that will help her to feel better about their selves. Undergo these intervention women who feel unsatisfied because their breasts are not developed as they had expected.

It is a surgery to increase the size of the breast , either to correct a volume loss after pregnancy, weight loss, to balance the size of the breasts when there is a significant difference between them, by the age…

This type of surgery provides specific solutions for each case.


The Surgery of Breast Augmentation (Augmentation Mammoplasty) is a surgical technique that consists of a prostheses implantation under the mammary gland, behind the pectoral muscle or below the pectoral fascia. The surgeon will recommend you the most appropriate option depending on your anatomy and the volume of the existing breast. The most usual procedure consists of making a small incision in the areola or, in the fold under the breast.

The duration of the intervention is approximately one hour but it can vary according to each patient. There are 2 types of hospital stay:

12 hours stay:
The same day of the intervention the patient will be discharged
1 day stay:The patient will sleep one night in the clinic, and it will be discharged the morning from the next day.

Breast augmentation with maximum naturalness.

Naturalness in results is a concern for many women at the moment they consider having breast augmentation with prostheses. That is why this has been the main objective of professionals over the past decades.

In relation to the technique, naturalness has been perfected through the application of precision surgery and very artisanal techniques that favor a clean healing, of invisible results.

In the pre-intervention phases, surgery is planned focusing on the nature of the woman, taking into account the patient’s measures: height, base, projection and turgor (or natural movement of the patient’s chest).

The protheses used nowadays are customized for each patient based on their anatomy (thorax, ribs, mammary gland, areolas and nipples). As a result, the implanted prothesis is completely anatomical.

The great advance of recent years has been to achieve this naturalness. Nowadays, it can be ensured that after a breast augmentation operation, the woman’s breasts  are not unbalanced in relation to their body, nor have an unnatural round shape. A breast augmentation operation does no cause such a firm chest that the prothesis is perceived from the distance. At pressure, a few breasts operated today are neither hard nor excessively soft.

That’s what patients demanded, and that’s what professionals want: naturalness.

Aumento mamas protesis

Frequent questions

The result of the breast augmentation are mostly very natural, only in a small percent sometimes can remain smooth and generally happens if they are placed too big.

In Institut Vila-Rovira we use cohesive gel protheses, the best on the market, which have a lifetime guarantee and that prevent silicone from spreading through the body even in the strange case a prothesis breaks.

However, in Institut Vila-Rovira we recommend that the woman makes some revisions throughout her life (once it has been between 10 and 20 years from the first operation), because her anatomy may have changed, even if the prothesis is still in perfect condition. In this medical review, the patient may be advised to change her breast protheses.

The intervention is annoying two or three days if it has been performed below the pectoral muscle and virtually painless if it has been performed with the subfascial technique below the gland.

You can return to work 7 days after the surgery.

Yo can do normal life a week after and physical exercise after 4 weeks.

It is a study developed by Dr. Vila-Rovira to quantify the breast movement and natural vibration of the breast of every woman. This study is exclusively performed in Institut Vila-Rovira. You will find more information here.

Many patients when they arrive at the appointment, they ask us for a size: “I want a 95B”, for example. But we do not work according to sizes or bra cups, but according to other parameters: that the chest looks beautiful, harmonious and adapted to the nature of your body.

We take the patient’s measurements and we decide which protheses are the most appropriate, which are also customized for each person. Anyway and generally, we can say that the most used protheses are around 300 grams for each breasts.

There are several brands of breasts protheses manufacturers on the market. Allergan, the brand we use at Institut Vila-Rovira, it is recognized worldwide for the quality and safety of its products.

Think about this: if a clinic makes you a very cheap offer of breast augmentation, for a price much lower than the average of market prices (sometimes up to 50%), it is probably reducing costs using low quality products.

Sure, you can. The intervention of breast augmentation with prostheses does not pass through of touch the mammary gland, or the galacphorus ducts. So there is no problem if, after you have implanted a breast prosthesis, you decide to get pregnant.

The reality is that each case is unique. In many cases it is not necessary to intervene again after pregnancy and the lactation season. But if the woman has poorly elastic skin, the changes in the breast during this time might advise a medical review (and perhaps a retouching) once the breastfeeding phase is ended.

This is a delicate question, with a complex answer. There are some pathologies (such as  tuberous breasts) that are diagnosed before reaching the majority of age and can actually cause a great complex in the girl in question. In cases like this, we know in advance that this situation will not be solved by itself, and it is certain that it will eventually be necessary to go to the surgeon.  Therefore, in some cases it can be advisable for the girl to start treatment even if she has not yet reached adulthood. However, in other cases -such as girls with a little breast but without a pathology present- we advise that you wait a little before intervening, as the volume of her breast could evolve before she finishes developing.

As with any other surgery, complications may occur during or after the intervention. But the reality is that this intervention, in the hands of an experienced professional, has a very high success rate (99% of the cases are finished with satisfactory success). There are always complications that are not life-threatening, and there are a few occasions when it is necessary to intervene a second time. In fact, it may be considered low-risk surgery.


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