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No possibility of rejection


It is an operation which consists of increasing the female breast with the own fat.

The breast increased, then filled and remodeled.

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Real cases of Breast augmentation with own fat

Antes del aumento de mamas con grasa propiaDespués del aumento de mamas con grasa propia
aumento de-mamas-con-grasaDespués del aumento de mamas con grasa propia
Antes del aumento de mamas lipofilling BarcelonaDespués del aumento de mamas con grasa propia

Breast augmentation with own fat

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Information about Breast augmentation with own fat

It can be performed with local anesthesia and sedation or with general anesthesia but all the procedure is painless and the patient can sleep at home or stay for the night in the Clinic (Teknon Medical Center).

The advantages of this operation is that a mammary augmentation which is completely natural with the body’s own tissue.

The fat that is fixed in the chest and that is statistically proven around the world, is about a 70%.

The use of the own patient fat (lipolifting), as filler material to restore and give volume or remodeling, this avoids any possible rejection or incompatibility, as it is filled with autogenic fat.

It is very important the implantation technique of the fat to ensure that it survives in the implanted area and keeps the volume achieved, making that fat does not reabsorb speaking of long terms.

Antes y después lipofilling mamario Vilarovira

The results are very satisfactory because a more attractive breast is obtained and one or two more sizes.


Visits prior to breast augmentation with self-fat

On the first visit (and subsequent, if necessary), we value the patient’s expectations. We also take the measurements of each breast to calculate the amount of fat we will need to obtain.

This is autologous fat. That is, the fat is obtained from the patient itself, as it is indicated by the name of the treatment. Therefore, in this visit we will also determine which areas of the body will act as donors. The fat is obtained by liposuction, usually from one of these areas: abdomen, flanks, trochanters (saddlebag), inner face of thighs or knees.

Aumento mamas grasa propia - Institut Vilarovira
Aumento mamas grasa propia - Institut Vilarovira

Procedure in the operating room

The intervention begins with liposuction of the donor area. In the same operating room, the fat is prepared for grafting: it is centrifuged and cleaned to separate from other aspirated fluids.

Once the fate is available, it is infiltrated in the breast region through minimal incisions, modeling each breast.

It is very important that the fat implantation is always carried out by an experienced professional, as the technique used in this process will affect the percentage of fat that survives in the implanted area and, therefore, that the volume achieved is permanent. According to compared statistics about professionals around the world, a proper technique gets 70% of fat fixed.

The intervention may be performed under local anesthesia and sedation, or under general anesthesia. The procedure is completely painless.

Recovering from breast augmentation with own fat

After the intervention is done, the patient can go to sleep at home, or spend a night in the clinic. The medical team guides each person from the guidelines to follow when resuming their activities progressively.

The result of breast augmentation is immediate, and very natural to touch and mobility. As this is a breast augmentation without “foreign” tissues, any type of rejection or incompatibility during the postoperative is avoided.

Depending on the amount of reabsorbed fat, in some cases a second operation may be necessary for the final result to be excellent. But on many occasions, a single intervention achieves satisfaction.

Aumento mamas grasa propia - Institut Vilarovira

Frequent questions

Because autologous fat is used to perform this procedure, this is the patient’s own fat, which completely prevents an adverse reaction by introducing a “foreign” tissue into the patient’s body. The fat used in breast augmentation is obtained by prior liposuction. After liposuction, the fat is centrifuged and cleaned, and then grafted or implanted back into the receiving area.
Yes, this type of breast augmentation is totally natural, both in sight, touch and movement. Naturally, the breast is made up of an important part of fatty tissue. So a breast increased with fat only gains in volume and perhaps in form (if necessary), but does not include any change in its texture.
With this technique in the hands of reference professionals, such as Dr. Vila-Rovira and his medical team, the implanted fat survives by 70%, preserving the volume achieved for live. But as in the case of breast augmentation with prostheses, the patient’s anatomy can evolve over the years. It is for this reason that from Institut Vila-Rovira we recommend a review over the years (between 10 and 20 years).
No, it is not the same technique or the same type of treatment.

Hyaluronic acid is used to make an eventual breast augmentation of half size or one size, which the body reabsorbs in the medium term (results last only one year). In fact, it is a filler like a lip filler, which does not even require surgery.

Breast augmentation with own fat is an operation and its results are prolonged indefinitely.


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