Bichat Balls

Tune your cheeks and accentuate the cheekbones

Bolas de bichat bichectomia Teknon Barcelona

The Bitchat balls, also called Oral Fat Bags, are fatty packages that are found in the cheeks , just in front of the messeter muscle.

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Real cases of Bichat balls

Bolas de bichat bichectomia VilaroviraBolas de bichat bichectomia Vilarovira
Bolas de bichat bichectomia VilaroviraBolas de bichat bichectomia Vilarovira


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Information about Bichectomy

Its extraction aims to refine the cheeks and emphasize the cheekbones to achieve a similar effect to that intended one when the sides of the face are shaded with rouge.

The intervention is performed on rounded or oval faces, to reduce the oval of the face.

Amazing aesthetic results.


A small incision on the inner side of the mouth of each cheek is made and, Bichat balls are extracted through the pressure from the outer face. It is an outpatien basis operation.

It is a surgery that can be performed with local anesthesia and sedation depending on the patient and it does not require Clinic admission.

Frequent questions

Not at all. It is an intervention that we usually perform, on an  outpatient basis and with local anesthesia (although if combined with other procedures, we would use general anesthesia). The intervention lasts about 30 minutes and does not require a night’s admission to the clinic.

In this case it is not possible. Oral fat has  higher density and therefore it is not feasible to remove it by liposuction, as it does for example the excess fat in the jowl. In addition, as the intervention is  intraoral (inside the oral cavity) we get invisible incisions. It is an extremely discreet surgery.

There is no defined age for this intervention. Just keep in mind that in adolescence oral fat may still be composed of juvenile fat, which will gradually disappear into adulthood. For this reason, we do not recommend this procedure before the age of 20.

Once a thorough study of the patient’s anatomy has been done, this surgery is relatively straightforward and simple. Therefore, the risks are minimal and infrequent. Your surgeon will tell you how to prevent infections or bruising.


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