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Anyone who knows me knows the importance that I give to lead a healthy life: despite my many activities, I sleep eight hours every day, I take care to the detail my nutrition; I do sport every day and I get new challenges, like running a marathon in the desert; and I fed my mind with all that generates curiosity to me.

Change the outside to improve the inside

A change in your appearance can be the incentive you need to improve on the inside. Many patients have confirmed it me throughout the experience years.

When people like you come to the first time to my office, they comment me what they would like to correct: the breast, nose, shape of their body… In many occasions, I perceive a background in their reviews: they want to change their life.

And that is what plastic surgerycan offer to them: improve our appearance, can encourage us to initiate new habits and help us feeling much better with our selves.In conclusion, to be happier.

Although, of course, not everything will depend on surgery: smiling and living in a healthy way will still be essential to the well-being.

We can have many years, but not for this reason being old.

Our life expectancy increases with the development and the improvement in the health field. I am sure that in a near future, we will be able to live up to one hundred and twenty years.

But you will agree with me that no one wants to live more years without furtherIt is necessary that this present that science is going to get us, it is accompanied with life quality and good health..

And this is the fundamental role of the plastic surgery and the aesthetic medicine in our society. Our medical specialty worries essentially for return, as far as possible, the age effects so you can continue to enjoy life quality.

(Dr. Ramón Vila-Rovira)

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