Alteration in the shape of the nose is one of the aesthetic reasons causing major psychological disorders.

A well operated nose should not be noticed.

The important thing is not changing the nose but to contribute to the elimination of the negative and give harmony to the face.

We cannot only observe the nose itself, but it must be evaluated together with the chin and forehead, according to the curves of the face.

The nose belongs to a part we call the triangle of beauty, cheekbones-nose-chin that provides a balance to the face.

There is a great variability between people in terms of the shape of the face, the structure of the nose and the skin type.

As a result each patient has a necessity and therefore a different type of surgery, it is a question of adapting the nose to the facial factions to reach the harmony without neglecting the functional part of this one.

Rhinoplasty is an individualized procedure

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There are two ways of carrying out this intervention.

    • Closed Rhinoplasty:

The operation is performed through incisions on the inside of the nostrils in such a way that is not visible any external scar.

Through the inside of the nose, the surgeon can carve and moderate the bones and nasal cartilage and configure a new structure.

They are noses that only require small modifications, presenting a good respiratory function.

    • Open Rhinoplasty:

It is for those cases with a major degree of difficulty as they have an important aesthetic imbalance, as the most prominent humps, fall tips noses already operated…

It is performed by cutting the membranes of the tip and back, the surgeon accesses directly to the nose structures.

This type of intervention leaves a small scar at the base of the columella. They are noses that have functional problems.

There are cases where grafts would be required and this would be addressed as reconstructive surgery with rib or flaps grafts.


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