Every time it is more common that men as well as taking care of their facial and body appearance, they worry about their intimate areas either for aesthetic reasons or to solve health problems.


    • Penis enlargement (Phalloplasty elongation):

Consist of the liberation of 1,2,3 or 4 centimeters of the suspensory ligament using loca anesthesia and sedation.

    • Penis thickening (Thickening Phalloplasty):

A lipofilling or filling is performed with own fat with local anesthesia and sedation.

    • Scrotal lifting – Scrotoplasty:

It is a recommended surgery for the rejuvenation of the scrotal sac that contains the testicles.

It is a surgical procedure intended to improve the physical appearance, removing the excess of skin, thereby raising the very fallen testicles.

It is performed using local anesthesia plus sedation.

    • Testicular implants:

The lack of one or both testicles either because of a disease or of birth, it can be reset by placing protheses and then restore a normal appearance of the scrotum.

The surgery can be performes using local anesthesia plus sedation and on an outpatient basis.

    • Surgery of the frenulum – Frenulectomy:

When the frenulum of the penis is too short, there is a risk that it hurts, it breaks or bleeds during sexual relations.

For that not to happen, a frenulectomy is performed, that is a longuitudinal cut along the frenulum.

It is performed using local anesthesia and on an outpatient basis.

    • Phimosis:

It is a simple surgical intervention in which the foreskin is cut off (that is the skin that covers the glans), the glans (tip or head of the penis) are left exposed on a permanent form.

It is perfomed using local anesthesia and on an outpatient basis.

    • Vasectomy:

It consist of the section and ligation of the vas deferens. As a consequence the ejaculated semen does not contain sperm.

It is a method that can be reversed. It is performed using local anesthesia and on an outpatient basis.

    • Vasovasostomy:

It consist of re-attatching the vas deferense sectioned by the vasectomy.

It is performed using local anesthesia more sedation and depending on the case requires a day of hospitalization.


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