Lipodystrophy is an accumulation of fat in a certain place of the body that disharmonies the shape. It is a quite common disorder caused by hereditary or hormonal causes.

The body image has acquired a special importance in recent years. Occasionally, a healthy diet and exercise are not enough to achieve the desired shape, it may be localized accumulations of fat, which are hardly going to decrease or disappear with diet and exercise and it is in these cases that a liposuction is recommended.

We must not confuse the lipodystrophy with cellulite. Cellulite is a disorder in the structure of the most superficial fat that is manifested by the typical orange skin, but it does not depend on the quantity of accumulated fat.

It is important to have cleared this distinction as the liposuction combats lipodystrophy, not the cellulite, even though it can help it to improve.

The most common areas are: the abdomen, flanks (waist), trochanters (load bearing), inner side of the thighs and knees.

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The liposuction is a surgical procedure that consists of making unsightly accumulation of fat disappear and which are accumulated in a body area and which are affected by their suction with the fine cannulas.


With the suction of the extra fat, it manages to mold the treated area with consequent improvement of the shape and contour.

This technique owes its growing popularity to its effectiveness. The extracted fat does not appear again because the fat cells stop being produced when puberty ends.

The duration of the surgery varies depending on the amount of fat to remove and the number of areas to intervene, that is why it can be performed using general anesthesia or local anesthesia plus sedation.