It is becoming increasingly more common to women in addition to take care of their face and body appearance, they worry about their intimate areas either for aesthetic reasons or to solve health problems.


    • Labioplasty o Ninfoplastia:

There are wide variations both in appearance and dimensions of the labia minora, with enlarging that can be from birth, secondary or from the age.

Generally, it is performed with local anesthesia plus sedation and it is an outpatient surgery (it does not require Clinic admission).

    • Remodeling of major labia:

The excess of tissues causes bumps especially obvious by wearing tight clothing causing and unsightly effect.

As in the case of the labia minora may be congenital, by age or maternity.

With the surgery they can decrease to get the appropriate size. It is performed with local anesthesia plus sedation and outpatient.

    • Lipoinfiltration of the major labia:

The lack of development of the major labia can be corrected by the filling of adipose tissue taken from locations where there are surpluses.

It is performed with local anesthesia plus sedation as an outpatient operation

    • Remodeling of the pubis (Monte Venus) with or without lifting:

The buldge of the pubis, particularly evident by wearing tight clothing, it happens even without any overweight. This alteration is treated liposuction in the area.

When there are surpluses of skin and soft tissues, it is combined with a lifting.

It is performed with local anesthesia plus sedation and on an outpatient basis.

    • Vaginal rejuvenation:

Maternity or the passing years cause relaxation of the normal tone of the soft structures that make up the pelvic floor, it can be corrected with surgery to improve vagina muscles and strengthen the vaginal canal.

It is performed with epidural or general anesthesia.

    • Recreation of hymeneal membrane:

Some women, who want to promote the juvenile aspect of their external genitals, can undergo this surgery.

It is performed with local anesthesia and sedation on an outpatient basis.

    • Reduction of the enlarged clitoris:

The excessive development of the body and glans of the clitoris that can exist from the birth or secondary form.

Through the surgery restores its dimension respecting its sensitivity. It is performed using general anesthesia.

    • Rehabilitation of ambiguous genitals:

The congenital external genitals differentiation anomalies include a b brad set of alternatives, in which it includes the intersexual states.

Treatment specifically customized, allows to those patients to harmonize their external appearance avoiding situations of ambiguity.

    • Vaginal agenesis treatment:

It is possible through various techniques.

    • Other reparative treatments:

As a consequence of the congenital malformations or sequels of previous interventions , whether by tumoral diseases or traumatic (burns, accidents…) or because of mutilations causing flangers or scars on the vulva, a narrowing of the vaginal entrance can be performed and even limitations in the mobility of the lower extremities.

We carry out the correction through the displacement of healthy tissue, sometimes combined with grafts.


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