Cold Therapy Unit: Faster postoperatives

Cold treatment after facial and breast aesthetic surgery

Cold therapy is, as the name suggests, an isothermal treatment. It is developed to enhance tissue repair, helping to reduce inflammation, reducing the risk of bleeding and alleviating postoperative pain within 72 hours of intervention.

With this treatment -which is performed at home- the postoperative has a faster recovery and with fewer side effects, allowing the patient to resume daily activity in less time.

Unidad de Fríoterapia postoperatorios más rápidos

When and how use the Cold Therapy

Unidad de Fríoterapia postoperatorios más rápidos

From the same day if surgery, once the bandage has been put on, and for the next two days col treatment will help you improve your recovery with less pain, bruising and inflammation.

The Cold Therapy Unit is equipped with an anatomical accessory (or mask) that connects to the unit, and through which water circulates at a constant temperature. You should only place the mask over the indicated area and adjust the temperature specified for your recovery.

During the 72 hours after surgery, it is important to have the mask on as many hours as possible.

If you want to shorten your recovery, Institut Vila-Rovira manages the delivery and withdrawal of the Hiloterm Cold Therapy Unit so that you can use it at home after an intervention of aesthetic facial surgery or breast surgery.

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