There is what is called triangle of beauty , cheekbones-nose-chin which provides a balance to the face.

A slightly developed cheekbones can cause an aged appearance, but if they are excessive they may give and aggressive look. On the other hand, a poor chin distorts facial harmony.

The harmony of the face is based on the proportion of its structure.

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There are several options for cheekbones augmentation:

Using silicone prothesis, whose placement does not leave visible scars because they are placed via intraoral.

It can also be by Lipofilling injecting fat of the own patient or through injections of hyaluronic.

The procedures to increase the chin are the same as for increasing the cheekbones the only difference is that the protheses are placed via oral without leaving scars.

All this procedures are performed on an outpatient basis and with local anesthesia and/or sedation.