It is an intervention that allows modeling both the shape and the size of the buttocks, the results are very natural improving the patient’s self-esteem.

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It may be done in different ways:

  • Increase with prostheses: an incision is made in the inter-buttock fold that hides the scar, and through it special prostheses are placed for that area. It is performed using general anesthesia and is recommended one night in clinic.
  • Augmentation with fat or lipofilling: it is recommended when the patient as well as increasing their buttocks wants to erase unsightly accumulation of fat in other body parts, which it gets even more improvement to the figure. It is performed a liposuction of the areas that the patient wants to improve, once the fat is extracted, it is processed and by injections of deposits on the inside of the buttocks so they can be increased.
  • Augmentation with hyaluronic acid: it is indicated in patients who want to improve the buttock area and they do not want to undergo surgery, or also indicated for thin patients. It consists of the introduction of hyaluronic acid by injections. It is performed on an outpatient basis (without clinic admission) and using local anesthesia plus sedation.