The female breast is, without any doubt, one of the most important elements of the feminine beauty. It has great importance in the aesthetic of the female body and it is a symbol of female identity.

Among women, breast cancer is one of the most frequent, which entails not only concern about the disease but treatment, usually is mastectomy or removal of the breast.

To reconstruct the breast, not only recovers the harmony of the body but it helps to regain the women self-esteem.

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The breast reconstruction through the use of prostheses, does not interfere in the treatment or control of the disease.

The goal of surgery, is to create a new breast, as close as possible to a natural one.

The surgery involves pulling upwards (lifting), the skin of the abdomen, to cover the prostheses and set the submammary furrow at the height of the furrow of the health breast.

In addition the areola may be pigmented subsequently to reconstructive surgery.

This surgery is performed using general anesthesia and it is recommended a day in hospital.