The female breast is, without any doubt, one of the most important elements of femenine beauty. A fallen breast can be unsightly.

The female breast has a big importance in the aesthetics of the female body and it is a symbol of female identity, that is why a fallen breast can be unsightly.

Excess of volume, the effect of gravity and the variations in breast volume especially by pregnances, makes skin and ligaments holding the breast yield.

This type of surgery provides specific solutions for each case.

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The Breast lift or Mastopexy may be of several types:

  1. The volume of the breast increases through the placement of the protheses. This procedure is specially suitable for women who has lost volume after pregnancy and lactation.
  2. In this case the excess of skin is removed of the areola surroundings or with a small vertical scar. If there is sufficient breast tissue is remolded and is uploaded to the correct anatomical position (pexia), but in addition of removing the skin, a prosthesis can be placed.
  3. In some cases, incisions may be necessary in inverted T, being also the scars in the submammary fold.