The results are very satisfactory because a more attractive breast is obtained and one or two more sizes.

It is an operation which consists of increasing the female breast with the own fat.

The breast increased, then filled and remodeled.

It can be performed with local anesthesia and sedation or with general anesthesia but all the procedure is painless and the patient can sleep at home or stay for the night in the Clinic (Teknon Medical Center).

The advantages of this operation is that a mammary augmentation which is completely natural with the body’s own tissue.

The fat that is fixed in the chest and that is statistically proven around the world, is about a 70%.

The use of the own patient fat (lipolifting), como material de relleno para restaurar y dar volumen o remodelar, as filler material to restore and give volume or remodeling, this avoids any possible rejection or incompatibility, as it is filled with autogenic fat.

It is very important the implantation technique of the fat to ensure that ir survives in the implanted area and keeps the volume achieved, making that fat does not reabsorb speaking of long terms.

The result is immediate and very natural both in form and in touch and mobility.

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The procedure involvers first rating and take body measurments of each breast in order to measure and calculate the fat that is needed.

The fat is obtained from the own body through a liposuction, and for this the area or areas where the fat is going to be taken are selected, the most common areas are: abdomen, flanks, trochanters (load-bearing) or the inside face of thighs and knees.

Once the fat is obtained it is prepared, centrifuged and cleaned in the operating room itself and it is infiltrated in the breast region, infiltrating without the necessity of making incisions or scars.


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