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SHR, 5 star hair removal

Proven effectiveness in laser hair removal on all hair and skin types, including dark and tanned skins. A treatment available only with the latest generation light technology offered by Alma Lásers equipment.

How does SHR work?

SHR is an exclusive method of laser hair removal that works by gradually heating the dermis to the temperature needed to destroy the hair follicle and hair-producing cells, without damaging the surrounding tissue and surface of the skin.

The method is based on the exclusive In-Motion technology developed by Alma Lásers. It is a scanning technique that consists of moving the head and emitting energy continuously over the treatment area, employing low creep, fast repeating pulses and reaching maximum power in each session.

This novel technology, unlike traditional hair removal systems, does not resort to high energy spikes at each pulse, causing pain and burning. Therefore, SHR laser hair removal ensures comfort, increases the speed of procedure and allows to obtain repeatable results safely and effectively.

By not exposing the skin and hair root to a high energy pulse, this method also does not damage skins that contain a high amount of melanin (such as dark or tanned skins), allowing to obtain the same effectiveness in all skin types and making possible the application of the treatment throughout the months of the year.

Tratamientos depilación laser Vilarovira
Tratamientos depilación laser

The fastest and most efficient laser hair removal

With SHR by Alma Lásers we can guarantee the fastest and most effective laser hair removal method in the market:

  • Treatment that can be performed throughout the year
    100% compatible with tanned skins

  • Minimal discomfort, more comfortable for the patient
    You don’t need painkillers or previous treatments

  • Fast
    The fastest laser hair removal method on the market, capable of removing wide areas in half the time

  • Results from the first session
    Excellent long-term results, clinically tested from the first session

  • Safe and effective on all skin and hair types
    Laser hair removal can be performed even on dark skins

  • No burns
    It is perfect for any area of the body, including the most sensitive ones such as face, neck, groin area (bikini line) or intimate areas.

  • No recovery time
    The person can immediately resume normal activities.

The best hair removal to forget about the hair for the ultimate! 

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