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Progressive tissue regeneration

Plasma rico en plaquetas tratamiento facial

The treatment with Plasma Rich in Platelet is one of the main treatments for capillary and facial rejuvenation.

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Information about Plasma rich in platelet

It is a new technique that enables to isolate and use the growth factors that are present in the patient’s own blood to upgrade, accelerate and stimulate the regeneration of tissues.

In this way, it is produced an attenuation of wrinkles and an increase of thickness and smoothness of the skin achieving a more youthful appearance.

Plasma Rich in Platelet

Accelerates tissue regeneration

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It is indicated to stop hair loss and upgrade the regeneration in patients with moderate hair loss.


The treatment consists of the introduction of plasma rich in growth factors that realase the platelets from the own patient through microinjections in the scalp in a practically painless way.

To its obtention, a small blood extraction from the patient is done and the blood fractions are separated by centrifugation. Then the “plasma rich in platelet” is injected in the skin face, neck, neckline, back of the hands… and/or a capillary level to estimulate its regeneration. Ince the treatment is finished it can be return to regular activity immediately.


The results begin to be appreciated at 24 hours, they are progressive and they reach the maxumum point at the month of the meeting. With each session results are more evident.

In the interventions of Hair Transplantation also help us both to improve the healing of the donor area as to stimulate the regeneration and vascularization of the tissues at the level of the receiving area, which increases the survival of the grafts.

Frequent questions

The PRP is a treatment that can be applied to any age at a preventive level to slow down the process of hair loss and/or improve the appearance of the skin.

It is not necessary, although in some cases it can be used cold or local anesthesia in the area to be treated.

The number of sessions and their frequency depend on the characteristics of the skin or scalp and the degree of fall in each patient, but generally are recommended 3 sessions the first year and continue the maintenance treatment with 1 or 2 annual sessions during the following years.

Approximately an hour (taking into account the blood extraction, the centrifugation and the infiltrations).

It is not advisable to massage the area after the infiltrations.

It is possible to do normal life at the end of the session although a slide redness may appear temporarily.

Once we have managed to stimulate in an effective way the tissues with the 3 sessions of the first year, the results are kept during 6-12 months.

The combination of different techniques produce better and long lasting results because each treatment acts in a different way and at a different level and a synergy between them is produced.

The treatment with plasma rich in growth factors can be combined at a capillary level with oral vitamins and trace elements, minoxidil, finasteride, vasijeterapia, ozone therapy, capillary cosmetic … and a facial level with different fillers with hyaluronic, vitamins or botox.


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