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Although time changes tastes and customs, man has always sought to look manly. Mascu-look is a masculine treatment for men to have a more attractive and virile appearance.

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A global procedure to highlight the manly appearance on your face.

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The image of man in front of a new paradigm

Aesthetic medicine is no longer an exclusive area of women. More and more men come to the consultation with the concern of improving their image.

esthetic medical treatments – without surgery, minimally invasive and outpatient – offer the ideal response to the male population who want to improve their appearance quickly, naturally and without having to go through a major recovery period.

In this sense, Mascu-Look is a treatment aimed at highlighting masculinity and virility in the face of man.

Virility is anything relative to the male or that has characteristics attributed to the male sex. Qualities such as strength, power or energy, for example, have traditionally been associated with man.

The traits of the human figure in general, and of the face in particular, may reflect these manly qualities, as has been extensively studied from the psychological point of view and through the history of art.

Maintaining (and reflecting) a healthy life is desirable

For a man, being attractive includes many aspects. Aspects such as forms (gentlemanly, cultured, with good attitude), habits (being fit and exercising, which relates to good health) and other adjuvant aspects (such as smelling good) merge to convey the image of a man who cares about their physical and mental well-being.

Maintaining a healthy life is reflected in the appearance, and this makes men more attractive.

In this set of aspects that enhance male appeal, men’s aesthetic specialists have a defined concept: facial “beautification”. This is, balancing and highlighting the proportions of the face to make it more masculine, attractive and youthful.

Through outpatient treatments – without having to go through the operating room and, therefore, without practically affecting the daily routine- the field of Aesthetic Medicine allows us to achieve this desired aspect.

Dra. Xenia Vorobieva y Dr. Sina Djalaei

«Today, there is nothing more attractive than a man who takes care of himself.»


The Mascu-Look technique has been developed by Dr. Sina Djalaei, an aesthetic surgeon specializing in the field of facial design. The concept was designed based on the matching features of the most attractive male faces, which are completely different from those of the female face.

After a personal consultation and a detailed analysis of the male face, the professional draws up an individual treatment aimed at enhancing the male lines on the patient’s face: cheekbones, jaw angle and chin prominence.

No need for surgery and without affecting the person’s facial expressions at any time, the male facial proportions are enhanced, redefining facial features.

Treatment is done in consultation, in approximately 30 minutes, with a long-lasting hyaluronic acid. The result is immediate and the signs virtually undetectable. Results last up to 2-3 years.

Thanks to the specific products for this treatment and the injection techniques we use, the Mascu-Look treatment allows an extremely natural voluminization of the face, strengthening the masculine features while preventing the face from being fetishized.

In addition, the use of hyaluronic acid improves the quality of the skin and reduces the wrinkles typical of aging, so in the case of mature men results in a remodeling treatment that also rejuvenates the face.

Dra-Xenia-Vorobieva Institut Vilarovira Barcelona

Naturalness is the priority of this treatment. The aim is that even the direct environment does not perceive an «artificial change». However, the fresher, vital and virile appearance improves the patient’s self-esteem.

Institut Vila-Rovira is a reference center and Certified Official Partner of Mascu-Look in Barcelona, validated by the creator of the technique Dr. Sina Djalaei.


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