Medical laser hair removal

Definitive removal of unwanted hair

Depilación médica láser Teknon Vilarovira

For many years, the laser and pulsed light has been applied to various aesthetic medical procedures, which includes the elimination of non-wanted hair.

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Information about Medical laser hair removal

In Vila-Rovira’s Institute we have the best teams to carry out this treatment, with great safety and reliability, with excellent results, combining different sources of light (Alexandrite long pulse, IPL and Nd:YAG).

Each of the teams will be used depending on the necessities and characteristics of each patient, making a personal study in each case.

With this type of laser treatment it can be treated usually all areas of the body where it exist non-wanted hair, although the most common are groin, armpits, legs, upper lip and back, among others.

Virtually all areas of the body can be shaved.


After making a proper medical history, with particular emphasis on the factor that might influence the treatment (phototype of the patient, sun exposure, photosensitizing medication, currently diseases, pregnancy situation…), it will proceed to make the session that, depending on the area to be treated, will last for a few minutes (upper lip) up to 2 hours (whole leg).

These technologies allow us to achieve a permanent reduction of the unwanted hair in the treated area with excellent results. However you must be informed that between 4 and 8 sessions will be needed to achieve this point, depending on the patient characteristics (mainly phototypes oh the skin, thickness and hair color), and the area in question.

An adapted program to each necessity will be designed to accomplish the expectations of each person.

As the hair grows for cycles and the maximum efficacy is shown in the first growth phase, may be necessary maintenance sessions to retain permanently the reduction achieved in the initial sessions.

Medical laser hair removal

Programs adapted to the needs of each person.

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